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Posted By Admin on 12/02/21

Working your life away in the office is certainly a hard job. You have to put up with an insane amount of noise and don’t forget about those colleagues whom you wish would just leave you alone. It is a stressful job but something about it always makes you ready and willing for more.

Maybe you desire office porn vids. You think the office slut is just minutes away from asking you to really make your lunch break count. I guess stranger things have happened so it isn’t out of the realms of possibility that you do get to dip your wick inside that slutty office girl.

I know it would make the day pass by that much quicker if you had something going on like that. You would be counting down the seconds until you heard the buzzer sound for lunch. Office sex happens all the time and it seems to be getting many of you guys seriously worked up. It is a challenge that many of us wish to succeed at, but the reality is many of us will fail because we always think things are never going to happen to us and when they do we are not ready to make the moment count!

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Posted By Admin on 09/26/20

I’m really starting to ask myself why it took me this long to take a look at the naked secretaries on Not only do they have a decent collection of them to view but some of these secretaries are just downright hot!

When you manage to make the moment count as much as this you know that you have every reason to give it everything that you have. Once you do there will come a time where you will look back on things and be happy that you did everything possible to give yourself the best chance to make the most of it.

Having AJ Applegate as a secretary would be a dream come true for most of us. I know I’d make her give in and give me and my cock the full treatment. She would know who’s in charge and just what that means for her but knowing what a playful babe she is this wouldn’t bother her in the slightest. Right now you need to aim up and be the man that these secretaries need and once you do just take as much time as you need to make them beg for it on a daily basis!

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Posted By Admin on 06/30/16


If only there was this many gorgeous babes at the office job I was working at. Maybe I would have actually done my job instead of slacking off all the time. The girls at office obsession are here to ensure your daily work life is made easier with loads of sex and a touch of hot pleasure.

Picture this; it’s your lunch break and you’re sitting In the lunchroom. In walks a busty blonde secretary, she shoots you a look, and from that moment you know it’s on. The next thing you know you’re fucking that busty babe on the lunchroom table! This is just one of the scenarios that plays out at office obsession.

Part of the network, Office Obsession is just one of the sites your pass gets you into. The quality of the content within the network is awesome. They put a high amount of effort into making sure you only get access to the best. We can show you how to get 67% off with this Office Obsession discount right here!

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